Proprietary Members Position* Years as Director** Type of Director ***
Carlos Slim Domit COB - Grupo Sanborns
COB - Grupo Carso
Co-Chairman - América Mévil
COB - Teléfonos de México
COB - Promotora Musical
Nine Patrimonial
Carlos Slim Helú COB - Carlos Slim Foundation
COB - Telmex Foundation
COB - Carso Infraestructura y Construcción
Nine Patrimonial
Patrick Slim Domit CEO - Grupo Sanborns
Vice-Chairman - Grupo Carso
Co-Chairman - América Móvil
Commercial Director of Massive Market - Teléfonos de México
COB - Grupo Telvista
COB - Sears Operadora México
Nine Patrimonial Relacionado
Johanna Monique Slim Domit Head of the Early Childhood Education Program at the Carlos Slim Foundation Nine Patrimonial
Isac Mark Massry Nakash CEO - Promotora Musical
Alternate Board Member - Sears Operadora México
Nine Related
Alberto José Slim Rivera Torres Expansion Sub-Director Three Related
Rodrigo Hajj Slim CEO – Sanborn Hermanos
CEO - Sears Operadora México
One Patrimonial Related
Arturo Elías Slim CEO – One Patrimonial Related
Antonio Cosio Pando General Manager – Cía. Industrial de Tepeji del Río
Board Member – Sears Operadora México
Nine Independent
Pablo Roberto González Guajardo CEO - Kimberly Clark de México
Board Member América Móvil and Grupo Lala
Founding Partner: Mexicanos Primero and México ¿cómo vamos?
COB Education Comission of the Entrepreneurial Coordinator Council
COB -UNETE Mexico City and State of Mexico
Nine Independent
Juan Rodríguez Torres Advisor Nine Independent
Angel Eduardo Peralta Rosado Board Member – Sanborn Hermanos
Alternate Board Member – Sears Operadora México
Nine Independent
Santiago Cosio Pando Board Member – Sanborn Hermanos, Sears
Operadora México, Inbursa
COB Grupo Pando Corporate
Six Independent
Clemente Serna Alvear Board Member – Sanborn Hermanos
Tecnológico de Monterrey Metropolitan Area
Mexico City Club of Industrials
COB Friends of Metropolitan Cathedral Mexico, A.C..
Six Independent
Edgar Smolensky Kirschner Commercial Diretor Fashion Divisions Procurement - Sears Operadora México Nine Related
Arturo Martínez Bengoa Legal Director SECRETARY
Josué Ramírez García Legal Subdirector PRO-SECRETARY

* Based on information from the board members.
** Seniority as board member is considered since 2013, year when the shares of Grupo Sanborns, S.A.B. de C.V. were listed in the Mexican Stock Exchange.
*** Based on the information from the board members.
Independent Directors in accordance with the definition of the Mexican Securities Market Law.
COB: Chairman of the Board
CEO: Chief Executive Officer