Annual Report

Corporate Profile

Grupo Sanborns is a leader in the Mexican retail market. The Company has a unique portfolio of formats including departmental, specialty stores, electronics and entertainment, convenience, luxury and restaurants. With highly recognized brand names -Sears, Sanborns, iShop-MixUp, Dax, Sanborns Café and Saks Fifth Avenue-, we operate 443 stores in 56 cities in Mexico and Central America, equivalent to a commercial area of nearly one million 207 thousand square meters. In addition, we provide financing to 3.9 million customers by our proprietary credit cards.

Mission, Vision and Values

To offer our customers the highest quality in products and services, at the right price and environment, through the best personalized sale experience; thus, looking for the greatest client’ satisfaction. At the end, our customers are raison d’etre.

To consolidate and maintain the leadership of our Group in the market by integrating the needs of our clients, personnel, suppliers and shareholders.


  • Work: It is a principle of personal and professional development and emotional satisfaction when considered as a vehicle from which we may have our needs satisfied, grow as individuals, and serve others.
  • Growth: Our skills and knowledge benefit from growth, which translate into our and the Group’s capacity to offer more and better products under an excellent atmosphere of service to our customers.
  • Social Responsibility: This concept symbolizes the need to perform our work well, in order to confirming our ethical values, fulfilling the commitment we have with our clients and suppliers, as long as observing applicable regulation and taking care of natural resources and the environment.
  • Efficiency: Being austere, caring and efficiently using the resources we have, together with spending on what is necessary and avoid the useless or superfluous, represent the best way over which we understand and practice efficiency within our businesses.