The Sears product line in Mexico ranges from branded clothing at affordable prices, to state-of-the-art electronic items and household items.

Sears opened two stores: Portal San Angel and Querétaro La Victoria.

of the Group’s EBITDA and sales of $25,416 million pesos was the contribution of Sears in 2017.

During 2017, Sears recorded sales of $ 25,416 million thus contributing with 51% of total sales and 57% for Grupo Sanborns consolidated EBITDA. The major events in the year were the opening of two stores: Portal San Ángel and Querétaro La Victoria, while simultaneously facing the temporary closures of certain units due to the Mexico City earthquake. This resulted in merchandise distribution breakdowns and the temporary closure of some stores, and the permanent closure of the Galerías Coapa store.

Sears maintained services, the focus on proprietary brands and goods with higher value-added, as well as the renovation of stores to offer a more modern image to consumers.

In terms of e-commerce sales, the number of items offered at the portal increased, as well as the percentage of stores with on-line purchase and pick-up services at “click-and-collect” stores.

Sears is the second largest department store chain and during 2017, it reached 3.2 million proprietary credit cards, which places it as one of the major non-banking players in Mexico. At the end of the year, Sears had 95 department stores and three boutiques, for a total of 828,863 square meters of retail area.

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