Sanborns represents a unique concept of convenience stores specialized in Mexico, with a wide variety of products. In addition, all stores have full service restaurant and bar.

This year we launched a new Sanborns store concept, more integrated within Sears.

of the Group’s EBITDA and sales of $12,600 million pesos was the contribution of Sanborns during the year.

During 2017, Sanborns recorded sales for $12,600 million, thus contributing 25% of total sales and 14% for Grupo Sanborns consolidated EBITDA. The most important activities at Sanborns during the year were focusing on the higher value categories and increasing the number of proprietary credit cards. This year, the Querétaro La Victoria store was opened, and the seven openings of the preceding year were consolidated, while simultaneously launching a new concept of integrated stores inside the Sears units, which seeks to take advantage of departmental store traffic and space efficiency improvement through a reduction in the lower profitability goods and rotation. At the end of the year, Sanborns had 174 stores and 268,583 square meters of retail area.

Sanborns is a unique and highly-successful retail sales concept in Mexico, being a sales leader in multiple product and service categories, such as: books, photo equipment, cellular phones and telephone accessories, perfumes and cosmetics. Furthermore, it is the second largest bar and restaurant chain in Mexico.

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