Annual Report

Corporate Profile

Grupo Sanborns is a leading company in the retail market in Mexico. The Company has a unique portfolio of commercial formats, which includes department stores, specialty stores, electronics and entertainment stores, convenience stores, luxury stores and restaurants. The Group operates through highly recognized franchises such as Sears, Sanborns, iShop, MixUp, Dax, Sanborns Café and Saks Fifth Avenue. Grupo Sanborns has a presence in 61 cities in Mexico through the operation of 451 stores with a retail area of more than 1,234,000 sqm. The Company offers a higher value proposition for the benefit of its customer base, which includes the operation of more than 4.4 million proprietary credit cards.

Mission, vision and values

To offer our customers products and services of the highest quality, at the right price, in the right area, seeking their full satisfaction through an attentive personalized service. The customer is the raison d’etre of our daily activity

To Consolidate and maintain the market leadership of our company, keeping in mind the interests of our customers, workers, suppliers and shareholders.

Work: Work itself is a value, given the fact that only through work do we have the ability to meet our needs, grow as people and serve others. Our work, then, should be a source of personal and professional development, as well as emotional satisfaction.

Growth: Growth means increasing and improving our personal skills and knowledge, so that, together with the Group, we can improve our ability to offer more and better products by providing excellent service to our customers.

Social Responsibility: This responsibility means doing our job well, reaffirming our ethical values, fulfilling the commitment we express to our customers and suppliers, respecting current legislation, and taking care of natural resources and the environment.

Efficiency: Efficiency means conducting oneself with austerity, as well as efficiently caring for and using the resources we have, spending only on what is necessary Content: and avoiding anything that is of no use or is superfluous.