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Social Performance

The Carlos Slim Foundation is developing 96 programs and projects in 13 different areas, including education, jobs, health, sports, culture and the environment, reaching more than 45 million beneficiaries in Mexico and other Latin American countries.

Of particular relevance for the Foundation, beginning in September of 2017, is the “Mexico Unido” initiative, to address the damage caused by the earthquakes. During the emergency phase, the companies in the Group and their volunteers responded immediately to the basic needs of the thousands of people who were affected, by providing food, field tents, blankets, sleeping mats, water purifiers and telephone services.

During the phase involving the reconstruction and building of new homes and markets, we issued a call in which the Foundation would contribute five pesos to match every peso received. We received a response from 217 thousand donors who placed their trust in us and donated $412.4 million pesos, to which was added $2.0618 billion pesos contributed by the Foundation. This money has been used for the rebuilding of homes, for health and educational infrastructure and for the reconstruction of the nation’s cultural patrimony. As we have established from the beginning, the actions taken and the application of these resources have been published, month by month, in the Foundation’s web page. For more information in this respect, go to the website http://www.fundacioncarlosslim.org/

In addition to the Foundation’s activities, the Grupo Sanborns companies continued their investments in education, health, infrastructure and community development by means of the following initiatives: