Logotipo Sanborns

Mision, Vision and Values

To offer our clients the highest-quality products and services, at fair prices, in an appropriate environment, ensuring the highest satisfaction through attentive personalized service. The client is the reason for our work.

Consolidate and maintain leadership of our Group in the market, integrating the objectives of clients, personnel, suppliers and shareholders.

Work: It is only through work that we can meet our needs, grow as persons and serve others, which is why we should seek our work to be a means of personal and professional development as well as emotional satisfaction.

Growth: To grow is to increase and improve our personal knowledge and abilities, so that together with the Group we can increase our capacity to offer more and better products through excellent service to our clients.

Social Responsibility: This responsibility represents doing our work well, reaffirming our values, fulfilling commitments with our clients and suppliers, respecting existing legislation and protecting natural resources and the environment.

Efficiency: Efficiency means being austere, caring for and efficiently utilizing the resources we have. Spend what is necessary and avoid what is useless and excessive.