Formats and brands

Grupo Sanborns has wide geographic coverage with a focus mainly on Mexico.


Through our network of stores we have a presence in 57 cities throughout the country.

Format Number of stores Sales area (Sqm) % of sales 2016 Products
Sears* 98 809,248 52%
  • Fashionware, large and small appliances, furniture, home improvement and electronics.
Sanborns 176 268,446 27%
  • Books, magazines, health and beauty,
  • pharmacy, electronics, toys, music, videos, jewelry, photography, cellular phones, candy and gifts.
  • Bar and restaurant service.
iShop/Mixup 112 37,821 15%
  • Apple products and accessories, music,videos, movies and video games.


  • Dax
  • Sanborns Café
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • ClaroShop
56 70,715 6%
  • Perfumery and Cosmetics.
  • Accessible traditional Mexican food.
  • High-quality clothing and accessories.
  • Shopping malls.
Total 442 1,186,230 100%  
* Includes 5 Boutiques

Total sales
(Million pesos)

Gross profit
(Million pesos)
Gross margin %

Operating income
(Million pesos)
Operating margin %

(Million pesos)
EBITDA margin %

Number of Grupo Sanborns’
private label cards
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Sales breakdown by

  • Sears
  • Sanborns
  • Promusa
  • Other

EBITDA breakdown by

  • Sears
  • Sanborns
  • Promusa
  • Other
  • * For the EBITDA calculation in 2014, we did not consider a total of Ps. $210 million of extraordinary income per the valuation of investment properties. In 2015 we did not consider Ps 237 million of other income net, of which Ps. 178 million come from the appraisal of investment properties and Ps 27 million from impairment of real estate assets. In 2016 we did not consider Ps. 1,396 million of other income, where Ps. 1,141 million come from the accounting income for the acquisition of the 14.0% of Inmuebles SROM, S.A. de C.V. and Ps. 122 million come from the appraisal of investment properties, among other items.