expanded the EBITDA at Other Formats to reach Ps. 1,388 million in 2016.

Dax, Sanborns Café, Saks Fifth Avenue, ClaroShop.com and other sources of income are part of our portfolio, representing 6.5% of total sales.


grew the sales at Other Formats in the year as a result of the mix of fashion, convenience items, fragrances, cosmetics and personal care products.

Grupo Sanborns operates additional formats under its diversified portfolio of stores:

  • Sanborns Café (25 stores located in six states of Mexico and Mexico City);
  • Dax (a regional retail chain with 25 stores offering mainly cosmetics and fragrances);
  • Saks Fifth Avenue (two luxury department stores, which offer international fashion by recognized designers);
  • Plaza Loreto and Plaza Inbursa (two shopping centers);
  • A Sears store and three Sanborns stores operating in Central America
  • ClaroShop.com (e-commerce site).

In 2016, Other Formats businesses were integrated by 56 stores, which had a commercial area of 70,715 square meters.

Our two shopping centers –Plaza Loreto and Plaza Inbursa- have a joint commercial area of 71,225 square meters.

We operate 25 DAX stores in northeastern Mexico, 26 Sanborns Café restaurants and two Saks Fifth Avenue department stores in Mexico City.

Total sales
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