increased the EBITDA at Sanborns totaling Ps. 1,012 million.

Sanborns is a unique specialized retail concept in Mexico that sells a great variety of products. All stores have restaurant and bar.


increased the Sanborns’ retail space in square meters.

Sanborns reported sales of Ps. 12,714 million in 2016, thus contributing with 27% of total sales. EBITDA was Ps. 1,012 million, which, in turn, participated with 16% of Grupo Sanborns’ consolidated EBITDA. Seven stores were inaugurated in the period, namely Via Vallejo, Tampico Altama, Cuatro Caminos, Palmas, La Raza, Atizapán and Perinorte, the latter adapted into a store and restaurant from a Sanborns Café unit. At the end of the year, Sanborns operated 176 stores, which totaled a commercial area of 268,446 square meters.

During the year, Sanborns paid special attention to the higher value-added categories. Likewise, the Company focused on reducing the availability of spaces occupied by products with low turnover and profitability, as well as redesigning the pastry and confection area within stores. As per restaurants operations, campaigns of festivals based on meals of Mexico’s regional cuisine and the introduction of takeaway coffee and salad bars were part of the successful business approach in 2016.

Sanborns is a unique and highly successful retail concept in Mexico whose leadership at the market is based on the sale of a wide variety of categories of products and services, including books and magazines, photographic equipment, mobile phones and accessories, and fragrances and cosmetics. The stores represent the second largest chain of bars and restaurants in the country.

Fashion brands were introduced at stores, as well as meals of Mexico’s regional cuisine at restaurants.

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