Social Responsibility and Performance

At Grupo Sanborns, we conduct our social responsibilities through the Carlos Slim Foundation, which executes programs in various fields, thus proving a high sense of social responsibility with a focus on efficiency and timeliness. We participate in areas like education, employment, health, nutrition, social justice, culture, human development and natural disasters, as well as in economic development, and protection and conservation of the environment. Our actions contribute to improving the quality of life of the people of all ages, promoting the formation of human capital and creating opportunities for the integral development of individuals and communities.

For more information, visit: www.fundacioncarlosslim.org

In addition, we conducted investments in education, health, and infrastructure and community development through the following initiatives:

Through the “Training for Job” program, we created a new specialized job position - e.g., warehouse operator (almacenista) -. Additionally, we designed basic education plan in Sears, and implemented job boards for candidate attraction.

Environmental Performance

The “Carso Environment” report is published every year. It includes our Environment policy in addition to general indicators, projects by sector and / or company, and measurable results in volume and in economic terms. Some aspects covered in the report include:

Along with two hundred suppliers, Sears took part for the third time, in the “Ecofest” event whose last edition took place in March 2017. With the participation of more than 120 thousand members, it was designed to promote a culture of sustainability in Mexico. Likewise, Sears and Grupo Sanborns promoted the certification of eco-technologies, under the “Green Point” label, which are part of the following categories: lighting, air conditioning, water saving, water heating, energy efficiency, and water purification.

For more information, visit: www.carso.com.mx/ES/responsabilidad-social/Paginas/carso-medio-ambiente.aspx

Work Performance, Health and Safety

Grupo Sanborns employs nearly 49 thousand people (staff and temporary positions) in Mexico and some countries in Central America. In the year, we created job opportunities for 1,024 individuals.

Benefit Programs for employees at Grupo Sanborns include:

The integral development of Sears and Sanborns employees represents an important aspect for us. The following programs proved to be successful in 2016:

A successful initiative implemented at Sears’s stores was breastfeeding expression and storage areas, which were designed for the benefit and convenience of working mothers facing breastfeeding stage.

During the year, 11,802 employees from the Sears and Sanborns stores were trained. Thus, they received training on their own job functions, along with the SAP point of sale system, and specialization in typical brands of technology. In addition, personnel attended seminars for product knowledge and, in the case of restaurants, the kitchen staff took the training on service and customer care, as well as the hygienic handling of food and beverages. Grupo Sanborns has four training centers located in Mexico City and foreign locations. At the end of the year, these centers had 144 rooms, six more than in 2015.

Sanborns’ training program encompassed 1,325 courses in 2016 for 94,901 employees. Each received an average of 19.34 courses under the Program of Leadership and Development of Management Skills, the Program of Development of High Management and the Program of Individual and Group Coaching.

We continue to take advantage of the “Training for Job” online platform of the Carlos Slim Foundation, from which basic training was provided to 5,864 employees (operational staff and middle management).

Lastly, we hired and trained 1,312 collaborators for our six new Sears stores -Irapuato Cibeles, Vía Vallejo, Chimalhuacán, Cuatro Caminos, Atizapán and Tampico Altama, including workers for Angelópolis expansion.

For more information and details visit: www.gsanborns.com.mx/responsabilidad-social.html.